Be prepared for all that Mother Nature throws your way

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Be prepared for all that Mother Nature throws your way

Hurricanes. Volcanoes. Typhoons. Landslides. If there’s one thing you can’t control, it’s the weather.

Our Insurance Program offers many ways to help protect you from the devastating effects of storms.

Travel insurance can spare you from the horrors of travel during a storm.  A few features to consider:

Hurricane warning benefit.

This allows you to cancel a trip if a hurricane warning has been issued at your destination.

Trip delay.

Imagine a storm delaying your departure, so you miss your connections. Travel insurance
can help with those expenses and with the mechanics of rearranging your plans.

Trip cancellation.

Myriad triggers allow a traveler to cancel a trip due to, for example, damage to a home or business.

Renters insurance

can cover your possessions—often quite inexpensively. If you rent an apartment, house, or even a room, and a storm causes damage to your belongings, renters insurance will typically cover those items. Imagine losing all (or even some) of your clothes, furniture, devices, and more… the cost to replace everything would add up very quickly.

Homeowners insurance

is usually required, so if you own your house you probably already have coverage, but is it sufficient?  If hurricane damage is a concern in your region, make sure the policy specifically includes hurricane coverage. Likewise, if you’re in a flood zone, it’s crucial that you buy a flood insurance policy to protect yourself from flood damage. It never hurts to shop to make sure you have the best deal and the one that’s right for your situation.

Auto insurance

is also often mandatory, but features and prices vary dramatically. Images of cars floating down flooded streets and crushed by trees might inspire you to review your policy to make sure you have sufficient coverage.

Be prepared for all that Mother Nature throws your way.  To browse available products, learn more, obtain free quotes, and apply online, use the Buy Insurance link at the top of this page.

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